TRS is not honest in opposing new farm laws: Uttam

Hyderabad, Sept.28 : Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President & MP  N. Uttam Kumar Reddy alleged that the TRS lacks honesty and sincerity in opposing the new Agricultural Laws of the Central Government.
Reddy, along with AICC Incharge Manickam Tagore, CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka and other senior leaders, were arrested by the police when they went to Raj Bhavan to meet Governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan on Monday. Later, they were shifted to Goshamahal Stadium.
Speaking to media persons at Dilkusha Guest House, Uttam  said that the BJP Government passed three contentious Bills in Rajya Sabha by smothering the democracy and violating the established Parliamentary practices. He said that the BJP Government had no numerical strength in Rajya Sabha as many partners of NDA were also opposing the Bills. However, the Bills were passed in an undemocratic manner through a voice vote.
He said that the Bills had nothing new to offer to farmers and they are only aimed at benefiting a few corporate institutions. He said that the new laws would ruin the agricultural sector. He said that the BJP Govt, headed by Prime Minister Narender Modi, was acting as an agent of corporate entities and not as a true representative of common people. He said that the new bills have stripped farmers of security guaranteed by the Constitution. He said that now the corporates would systematically gain complete control over entire farming operations and also the farmers’ lands. With the implementation of new laws, the farming activity will not be demand-driven, but profit-driven. Neither farmers, nor common people would gain from the new laws. The only beneficiaries would be corporate companies who are enjoying the patronage of Modi Govt, he alleged.

The TPCC Chief said that the farmers would not get Minimum Support Price (MSP) on their produce due to eradication of the market system as per the new Bills. He said that the market system was abandoned in Bihar a few years ago. Consequently, farmers of Bihar get 25-30% less prices on their produce compared to other States. Now the farmers across the country would be forced to sell their produce at 25% less cost compared to the past.
Reddy said that the TRS Government was not opposing the new farm bills with total honesty. “Everyone knows that TRS is a secret ally of BJP. It has supported every law introduced by the BJP Govt in the last six years. KCR Govt itself has been anti-farmer since the beginning. Farmers’ suicides have increased ever since KCR came to power in Telangana in 2014 and the Chief Minister did nothing to provide relief to the farmers who are in distress,” he alleged.
The TPCC Chief pointed out that farmers of Telangana were not having crop insurance this season due to the incompetence of TRS Govt. He said that the previous Congress regime not only waived off crop loans, but also provided interest-free loans to farmers. However, he said that the TRS Government was yet to fulfill the promise of waiving off crop loans up to Rs. 1 lakh.
Uttam alleged that KCR Govt was trying to sabotage the nationwide protest by farmers against farm bills. Instead of enlightening the farmers about ill-effects of new farm laws, TRS ministers are organising tractor rallies in favour of the new Revenue Act passed by the Telangana Assembly. He said those rallies were being organised to distract farmers’ attention from the real danger of new agriculture laws of BJP Govt.
He announced that the Congress party would organise protests across the Telangana State on October 2 in protest against the new agriculture laws.
The TPCC Chief said that the Congress leaders wanted to give a memorandum to the Governor against the new farm laws. However, he said that the Governor did not give appointment on the pretext of Corona pandemic. “Why does the same reason not apply to meetings between CM KCR and the Governor?” he asked.
Meanwhile, AICC Incharge Manickam Tagore also condemned denial of appointment by the Governor. In an informal interaction with media persons at Raj Bhavan, he said that he hailed from Tamil Nadu and despite testing Covid-19 positive once, the Governor did not deny appointment to the opposition leaders. He said that the rules in Telangana’s Raj Bhavan appear to be different from the rest of the country.  (NSS)

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