TRS , BJP are two sides of the same coin, AICCinchargeManickam Tagore.

Hyderabad, Oct.4 : AICC incharge Manickam Tagore today alleged  that ruling TRS and BJP were the two sides of the same coin in the state. He referred the recent meeting of CM KCR and governor of the state and added that the meeting was an evidence to prove the same.

He alleged that the governor who Denied Appointment to their Party leaders by citing Covid 19 gave the same to CM KCR. He called upon the party leaders to work hard by joining hands together and ensure the victory of the party in Dubbaka by-elections . He made these remarks while addressing a meeting of the party leaders at Gandhi Bhavan.

Speaking on the occasion he said that it appeared  that the governor of the state had decided to not meet the congress Party  leaders. TPCC president n UttamKumar Reddy alleged that the UP police had arrested their Party  leadersRahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi when the duo were going to meet the family members od harthras rape victim. He said that they would hold nation wide protest programs on the issue on Monday. He said that they would hold silent protest programs in tela Telangana state on the issue. (NSS)