Telangana to export fish: Srinivas Yadav

Hyderabad, Oct.9 : Animal Husbandry Minister,  Talasani Shrinivas Yadav today states that Telangana will soon begin exports of local fish varieties.

He started a new regional office of MPEDA in Hyderabad and vowed to develop the fisheries department. Telangana will start its fish exports to other states and countries,  he announced a press conference.

The minister claimed that with 5.72 hectares area of water resources fir fish production Telangana occupies third position in the country after Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. We are now in 8th place of fisheries production in the country and efforts will be made to improve he vowed.

Srinivas Yadav has said that 150 mobile fish outlets will be started in GHMC area in the city. Telangana government encourages fisheries development and to increase their income. We are producing only five types of fish and the number has to increase,  he added.

He asked the official to give training to fishermen in latest fishing practices and growing new varieties of fish in the state.  We signed a deal with MPEDA in this regard and take its cooperation for cage culture a process of fish production and process, he said. We try to set up fish and food processing units in the city and districts.

The government will support MNCs to set up shop and produce other fish varieties. (NSS)


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