Plasma Angels felicitated

Hyderabad, Oct.3 :Apollo Hospitals joint managing director DrSangita Reddy on Saturday said that the world has been facing a severe pandemic and after the Covid-19 crisis the spirit of the humanity should be used to build a better world.

She was addressing the ‘Thank You Plasma Angels’ programme being held by Telangana Plasma Donors Association, being headed by GudurNarayana Reddy,  tofalicitate the plasma donors. Sun Shine Hospital Chairman AV GuravaReddy, and TPDA president GudurNarayana Reddy participated in the programme. About 50 plasma donors have been felicitated on this occasion. About 800 donors have donated Plasma through TPDA.

In her address Sangita Reddy said that the Covid-19 has brought out the humanity among the people as they have taken care of others. She said that the Plague has led to renaissance in Europe and people realized the importance of humanity, sharing of information and other virtues. The Covid-19 crisis would also help in the same way to bring the world together.

Citing the comments of Lancet Editor, Sangita Reddy said that the Covid-19 has been described as Tridemic as it led to three types of epidemics. Sangita Reddy said that with the efforts of governments, people and medical personnel the mortality rate has been coming down.

She said that all the efforts of governments and doctors are on the one side and efforts of the people are on the other side. She said that the spirit should be converted into a force to build the world.

Sun Shine Hospitals chairman AV Gurava Reddy said that the efforts of the donors were laudable during the pandemic period. He said that he wants to touch the feet of the donors who have donated plasma selflessly as a respect towards them. He appreciated the efforts of Telangana Plasma Donors Association in bringing together the plasma donors.

He said that in the past few months they have seen many pathetic conditions in the hospital. He said that while husband died on one side, wife died on the other side. Sons were unable to see their parents who were in the hospitals.

He said that though the number of positive cases was coming down people should be careful about themselves.

GudurNarayana Reddy said that TPDA was started as the government did not come forward to take up plasma treatment. He said that as plasma therapy was considered one of the important method of treatment, he has decided to bring together the plasma donors to help fellow human beings. He said that the services through the TPDA have given immense satisfaction to him.

He criticized that the Telangana government has done the least to the people. It has deprived the poor with treatment who have fallen prey to the Covid-19. He has also thanked all the donors who have come forward to donate plasma and described the donors as Plasma Angels. (NSS)