Modi offers Tuglaq rule : Talasani opposes farmers bills

Hyderabad, Sept.20 :Telangana Animal Husbandry Minister, T Srinivas Yadav today hit out that Modi government in the centre is acting like Tuglaq for passing bills of farmers amid protest and chaos in parliament. 
The BJP Government in the Centre has passed draconian bills against the farmers amid opposition parties protest in the parliament,  Srinivas Yadav alleged. 
He criticised that the BJP Telangana president and MP  from Karim Nagar B Sanjay for making false charges against the state government.  Sanjay failed to do anything as he uses talk like a mad person by sitting in Hyderabad he charged.  Instead he can go to Delhi to talk fir Telangana and its people he fumed. 
Though Modi government promised to release Rs 20 lakh cr to tackle financial situation in the  country amid corona pandemic,  nothing has come out so far he alleged.  The minister accused the Modi government of indulging in anti- farmers policies.  The farmers bills passed in Rajya Sabha will hamper farmers interests,  he charged. 
The minister said that the TRS will go with other political parties to protest the anti farmers bills.  The Modi government has failed to understand farmers issues,  he said.  Hd hit out at the congress leaders for bad comments on two bedrooms schemes. I asked them to leave midway during a visit to the housing sites in the city. 
We send details of one lakh houses and the Congress leaders can see them he added.  Telangana government has been implementing noted welfare schemes being praised by other states.  KCR government is offering  rythu bandhu,  rythu bhima 24 hour free power to farming he claimed.  (NSS)