Govt to procure rain hit crops : Rajender

Hyderabad, Oct.15 : Health Minister Etala Rajender today said that the government will procure all paddy crops damaged in heavy rains.
The minister instructed the officials to prepare an action plan to get the crop yields.
He visited several areas of crops damaged due to rains in villages,in his segment in Karim nagar district.  On the occasion, Rajender said that the farmers are needless to worry as the government will purchase all crops.  The state government will send related proposals to the Centre to procure and give minimum support price.
The rains ravaged crops and he asked to plan to procure the same.  We will write the Centre to procure the paddy both fine rice and other varieties.  We will appeal the centre to give medium prices for fine rice variety the minister said.
We will send proposals to the central government for the purpose.   There is no need of worry for the farmers as all the damaged crops will be procured.  We will the farmers overcome loss due to damaged caused by the incessant rains,  Rajender said.  (NSS)