Governor offers medical help through telemedicine

Hyderabad, Oct.15 : Living true to her reputation as the Peoples Governor, Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan on Thursday set one more personal example by attending numerous calls from the patients seeking medical advice.
The Governor patiently answered the calls for medical help and advice by many callers at her telemedicine service offered on Thursday evening in the wake of rain and flood situation in the State.
The calls ranging from kidney failure to common cold and symptoms of Covid-19, back pain, infertility, and urinary incontinence were patiently answered by the Governor as part of the telemedicine service from the Raj Bhavan, here.
Besides offering the expert medical advice and suggestions, the Governor also tried to motivate them to face the situations boldly and follow the healthy practices as per the doctors’ suggestions to overcome the ailments.
The patients were pleasantly surprised by the Governor’s affectionate greetings in Telugu and her assuring words. Responding to a request for help from one woman about the failure of two
kidneys of her husband, Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan directed the Raj Bhavan officials to follow up the request and coordinate with the government for necessary help.
“I always make it a point to respond to numerous requests from people through emails, petitions, and through postings on my social media platforms. Without wasting anytime we forward the letters with a note to the departments concerned so as to do justice to the people,” she added.
During her interaction with the patients and their family members during the telemedicine service, the Governor advised the people not to panic with common cold or mild fever which are common in the rainy season.
“If the symptoms persist and aggravate, better to take the Covid-19 test and get the timely medical help. We must follow the physical distance, wearing of mask, and sanitizing of hands to prevent the Covid-19 spread,” she added.
Doctors Dinesh and Naga Mani, who work at the Raj Bhavan Dispensary, have assisted the Governor in the telemedicine that has received a total of 21 calls within the given one hour time. (NSS)