Gandhi Jayanti tennis camp at HPRC

Hyderabad, Oct.2 : Around 20 boys and girls enjoyed a day-long training during the exclusive Gandhi Jayanti tennis camp, organised by Academia Sports Village (ASV) in their courts at Hyderabad Polo and Riding Club (HPRC) in Aziz Nagar on Friday.

The programme also saw an impressive turnout of guardians, who also were treated to some quality tennis by the ASV coaches.

Later, Tollywood actor Mr Ali graced the valedictory function and gave away certificates to the trainees and felicitated players and coaches. He said he was happy to note that the organisers were adhering to the Covid protocol by mandating face masks and social distancing. He showed his tennis prowess by taking to the nets and playing against ASV coaches.

Later, DurdanaArshi, COO of Academia Sports Village announced that they were preparing to resume their regular coaching schedules. CEO, MohdShamsuddin stated that they were planning to organize similar camps during Dassera and Diwali festivities. Academia Sports Village CFO DurdanaArshi and HPRC (admin) secretary Reaz Ahmed felicitated the actor on the occasion. (NSS)