Focus on gramaswarajya: Dayakar

Hyderabad, Oct.2 :Panchayat Raj minister E DayakarRao today said that Mahatma Gandhi will remain in the history as he proved to achieve anything by truth and non violence.

He paid rich tributes to Gandhiji to mark 151st birth anniversary here.

DayakarRao said that Gandhiji vouched to  achieveGramaSwarajya for all round development.  Our Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is, following Gandhi ideals for villages development he said.  To develop the villages the system government is releasing huge funds  he claimed.  New revenue act,  rythubandhu,  rythubhima help the farmers and people get their rights.

The minister said that swach villages program with a focus on greenery and cleanliness.  The villages are fast developing and there is a need to check migration.  More facilities,  chance to employment will help the people stay back in the villages.  KCR Government implements several programs for farmers poor and aged get financial support.  (NSS)