Farmers level allegations against govt

Hyderabad, Oct.9 : The farmers of Yacharam today alleged that the  state government had thrown on the roads in the name of establishment of pharma city in the state. They expressed their views before the members of BC commission during  their public hearing held at Tadipatri of Yacharam Mandal of Ranga Reddy district.

The Vice Chairman of the National BC commission Lokesh Kumar Prajapathi, commission members Kaushidra Singh Patel and Talloju Achari also took part in the public hearing.

Speaking on the occasion the farmers had said that they didn’t have lands in their villages. They alleged that they hey were cheated by the state government. The farmers further alleged that the local RDO and Tehsildar were harassing the farmers of the village. They made it clear that the farmers neither the RDO nor Local MLA gave land to them. The farmer have told the commission that they would not live if their lands were taken by the state government. (NSS)