Dr MCR HRD Institute Restores a Water Body– “Bathukamma Sarovar Inaugurated”

Hyderabad, Oct.15 : Dr G R Reddy,  Advisor to Government of Telangana (Finance) and  BP Acharya,  DG of the Institute & Speciall Chief Secretary inaugurated “Bathukamma Sarovar”, a restored water body, abutting the Institute and Software Technology Park of India.
G R Reddy, congratulated the Institute on taking up this eco-friendly initiative and said that the restored Bathukamma Sarovar will further add to the bio-diversity on the campus. “A green belt added around the Tank has further enriched the natural beauty of the Institute”, he added.
B P Acharya, said that the Batukamma Tank, which was earlier a cesspool and a breeding place of mosquitoes, has been restored through the HMDA, as a fresh water body with a cost of Rs.28 lakhs. “The storage capacity of the tank has been increased from a mere two lakh litres to 26 lakh litres, that is, about one lakh cubic feet”.
Acharya, said that a fountain is also installed at the middle of the tank. “Its throw of water, up to a height of 30 feet and a diameter of 20 feet, accompanied by the colourful lighting, will be a grand treat for the enthusiasts of natural beauty”, he stated.
The Tank is regularly used for Bathukamma festivities during Dasara. This initiative of restoring the Batukamma Tank is one of the steps towards ensuring that the Institute is eco-responsible with the least possible carbon footprints. Over one lakh saplings have been planted during the last three years on the campus as a part of the Institute’s commitment to maintain clean and green environment. The planting of trees and the green cover are the contributions of the Institute towards the efforts of the Government and NGOs towards finding enduring solutions to problems relating to ecological imbalance.
Another eco-friendly initiative is a shift to solar power in a big way, which involved an expenditure of Rs. 3. 81crores. As a result, the electricity generated from the Rooftop Solar Power System of 855 KWp capacity not only resulted in a saving of a whopping Rs 9 lakhs per month in the electricity bill of the Institute but also made it the top-most solar power generating government institution in the State. (NSS)