Congress expresses concern over rise in crime rate in Telangana

Hyderabad, Oct.1 : Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Minorities Department Chairman Shaik Abdulllah Sohail expressed concern over rise in crime rates in Telangana State, especially in Hyderabad.
“The report released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has clearly exposed the hollow claims of the TRS Government over the crime situation in the State. There has been a huge rise in murders, kidnappings, crime against women and other incidents,” Abdullah Sohail said in a media statement on Thursday.
Citing NCRB data, Abdullah Sohail said that the total number of cases have increased from 1,26,858 in 2018 to 1,31,254 in 2019. Similarly, the crime incidents have increased from 16,012 in 2018 to 18,051 in Hyderabad alone. He said a total of 863 people were killed in 839 murderous attacks in 2019. The State has also recorded a total of 4,623 burglaries, 505 robberies and 45 dacoity cases. There is also a rise in crimes against women, he said.
“The TRS Government is entirely focused on targeting the Congress party and its leaders. It is misusing the police force to spy on the activities of Congress leaders and detain them whenever they plan any agitation. Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao is not allowing the police to perform its normal duties. He is using the Telangana Police as his personal force,” he alleged.
Sohail said that the crime rate has increased in minority concentrated areas, especially in the Old City of Hyderabad. “We have witnessed several broad daylight murders in the Old City. In most of the cases, both victims and culprits belonged to the minority community. Unemployment, illiteracy and other social factors have turned several youth into hardcore criminals. The jobless youth are offering to commit crimes, including murders, if they are offered money. This was evident in a recent murder case in Falaknuma Police limits,” he said.
The Congress leader said that poverty was driving several families to face exploitation by private money lenders and financiers.
He demanded that the Telangana Government take a serious note of the rise in crime rate in the State and take corrective measures on a war footing basis. Despite the fact that almost every street corner is equipped with CC Cameras and many passersby are recording the incidents on their mobile phones, criminals are killing people in broad daylight. They seem to have no fear of law or the police. “Immediate measures should be taken to instill fear of law among the criminals and inculcate a sense of security among common citizens. Home Minister Mahmood Ali should stop wasting his time praising the Chief Minister and focus on the job assigned to him,” he demanded. (NSS)