CLP leader Vikramarka lashes out at Govt

Hyderabad, Oct.17 : CLP leader Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka today lashed out at state government and alleged that it was ignoring the irrigation department of the state. He also alleged that the state government was working for the welfare of the people of the state and not for the people of the state.
Speaking to media persons at assembly media point he said that the ruling party leaders should be ashamed of blaming their predecessor foe any kind of failure even after seven year of coming into power. He made it clear that the predecessors of the TRS party had done a lot of good to the state and alleged that the TRS Party led state government had ruined everything  after coming into power. He expressed his concerns over the fate of the state under the current rulers. He said that the Srisailam pump house had an accident recently and added that another accident took place at Kalwakurthy lift irrigation pump house on Friday night.
He said that he was clueless about the series of accidents. He took strong exception at the statement of state agriculture minister s Niranjan Reddy blaming the congress party rule and said that the minister should be ashamed of his statement. He said that the former MLA of the party Ch  Vamshichand Reddy had warned the state government about the possible accident at the pump house.
He demanded the state government to order an inquiry in the accident and punish the culprits. (NSS)