78.12 percent voters cast votes by 4 pm in Dubbaka by poll

Hyderabad, Nov.3 : Voting percentage in Dubbaka by poll was registered high at 78.12 percent by 4 pm while it was 71.10 by 3 pm according to information.

This is likely to easily cross 80 percent and reach about 90 percent when the polling process ends.  The election Commission in its release said that 71.10 percent of votes polled by 3 pm in Dubbaka by poll.
The results of the by poll to be announced on November 10.  The election officials and district administration have made arrangements for Dubbaka by poll in a smooth and fair manner.
The voters amid corona Protocols seen casting votes in 315 polling stations while poll officials let them only after thermal screening, hands sanitization, wearing glows and masks.
At a few polling stations EVMs developed technical snags delaying the voting process.   This led to anguish of the voters as they could not stand for long time amid corona protocols. The voters are allowed to  participate in the voting process from 7 am to 6 pm.
There are 1,98,807 voters including 97978 men and the rest of 100778 are women.  The officials have trained the staff for  this by-poll of corona pandemic by following all! Protocols.  In addition to 315 EVMs are put in place in all the  polling stations 120 more EVMs are made available to check any errors if developed.
Special police were seen guarding problematic polling stations in the segment.  Though 23 candidates are in fray the tough fight is in between three candidates including – TRS Sujatha,  BJP Raghunandan Rao and Congress Ch Srinivas Reddy. Police officials have taken security and bandobust amid corona effects.  The polling process continued till the end of the last voter allowed till 5pm in queues