238 more vehicles for 108 services in all Mandals :Rajender

Hyderabad, Oct.8 Telangana government will soon introduce 238 new vehicles to increase 108 services in all Mandals in the state

The government plans to extend kidney and heart transplantation services to other teaching colleges, health minister EtelaRajender has said. The government, he said, offers top priority for public health at rural and districts and implementing reforms in health sector health minister EtelaRajender today said.

He chaired the cabinet subcommittee comprising ministers KT Rama Rao,  SrinivasYadav and E DayakarRao which decided to improve health services in all Mandals. EtelaRajender after a cabinet sub- committee recommended a few more, steps to improve health services in all mandals and villages.

The minister said in a media conference that 238 new vehicles will be used for 108 services to offer services in all Mandals. These vehicles will surely provide emergency health care services in Mandals, and villages. We plan to remove some unnecessary diseases and include important health issues to Aarogysri program he said.

The minister said that after state formation mother and infant mortality rate was declined. This credit goes to chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for reforms,  modern facilities and improved services and adequate funds. The government offers some welfare programs  for pregnant women,  child and after delivery.

The mortality rate of mothers came down to 63 from 92 in the, state.  Similarly death rate of infants, was reduced to 26 while it was more  earlier the minister claimed. The KCR government has increased tests,  facilities in all hospitals amid Corona pandemic. The sub committee has asked for taking steps to check and streamline the private hospitals from looting people. (NSS)