2 days Assembly session likely from Monday

Hyderabad, Oct.8 :The Government is contemplating to convene a two days of Legislative Assembly Session on the coming Monday and Tuesday. 
The special session of the Assembly is to make some amendments to the GHMC Act, a press release said.  The release further stated that the two session will make some, amendments in the, act as directed by the high court. 
In the release it was said that as there is a need to make some amendments to the GHMC Act and to make some Acts on suggestions made by the High Court. A final decision on the matter would be taken on Friday according to the release. 
It may be said here that the monsoon session of the Assembly has passed 12 bills which became, acts. They include new Revenue act to offer transparent and speedy services without corruption. 
Cancellation of VROs and land issues amendment,  giving registration powers of agriculture lands, to MROs and non-agriculture lands to Sub registrars among others.  The Government will decide on Friday – on Oct 9 to conduct the two day session of Assembly. (NSS)